Friday, July 27, 2012

choose joy

joy is a choice. i try my best to be full of joy but that quite often escapes me with all the demands i have coming my way. making visual art is a great reminder for me because it is beautiful and has the words i can look at to bring me back to my focus in life. this specific piece i was feeling very busy and had lots going on at the time and it came out on this canvas. i wanted to try all kinds of new stamps, new stencils, and a bright busy color for the whole thing. this is only an 8x8 canvas but my soul poured out all over it. i love my art and i hope it can speak a bit to you to!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

beautiful birdies on canvas

i am beautiful. 11x14 original canvas art i made this to remind each person who looks at it that they are beautiful. these are happy birdies and a fun visual reminder for one to look at to remember that they and life are simply beautiful. life is beautiful. 12x16 original canvas art

8x10 birdies canvas boards

here is another version of my fat little birdies. i found this paper and fell in love! the colors are so beautiful and make for a fun bright piece of art! these are made on a canvas board that is great for a shelf or can be hung with those 3m sticky hanging strips(i don't remember the exact name so that is the best description i have:)


working with dragonflies is so awesome. these are a few of my first ones. i love the bright colors of the first two dragonflies. they make me smile. enjoy! this is an 8x8 canvas. and i also made 8x8 prints on wood with these. she is a 12x12 canvas. this baby is an 8x10 canvas.

jeremiah 29:11 canvas

this canvas is close to my heart for a few reasons. 1-i love this bible verse. 2-it is my sister's adoption bible verse. 3-i am making one similar for my sister to remind her of her adoption process. it has sold and i don't know to who but i pray it is a blessing on their wall! i love the process of starting a new design. it gives me endless opportunities with any saying or bible verse. hope you enjoy! amyjo