Thursday, December 6, 2012

giveaway on august fields!!!

come and visit
august fields. i am giving away an 8x10 print on wood of my original birdie! come on over and check it out to find out how to enter!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

more girls...

one more old post from my family blog... the third girl from my class

i made this one for my dear sweet niece jori. she turned one recently and she is a little ball of sunshine. this is the fourth girl from my class.

the second girl from my class.

she art (new old post)

another old post from my family blog... i took this online class recently and absolutely found a passion in artwork. it is messy, creative, and freeing to not have to have it all perfect. and i am using supplies that i haven't used in years that have just been in collecting mode. this is my first girl. she left her fears behind is a great title for this for me because i did leave my perfectionistic tendencies behind and let my creative spirit come out. and i love it!!! which says a lot for me because i usually make something then tear apart every flaw that no one else would see. now, i am free and loving creating once again.


another old post... i had been thinking for a while how to incorporate my word for the year into some art that i saw every day. this canvas is my first original i made that was inspired from what i learned in my she art class. i love how bright and crazy busy it is. it speaks totally of my heart and life right now. i love how it is so easy to add a verse or saying to whatever i am making. it is great to see this as a constant reminder to rejoice in the Lord everyday.


this is a post from my personal blog (before i started this one) so i thought i would move it here! enjoy... i have had these canvases for over a year. they were all painted at the base for a long time and i didn't know what to do with them. thanks to my she art class i have been inspired greatly! these are all originals for me and i am proud to say they were all my creations!
these will hang staggered in levi's room. i have to find a place he can't reach to tear them down! he smiles at them when i have them out. so, it will be fun to see them on his wall. i can't wait to get them up!

robot #1-18x18 this first one is the largest canvas i have done. so fun to have so much space to fill in.

robot #2-12x12 orange is awesome. this little guy turned out great! he is bright and has a funky personality.

robot#3-10x10 i totally love this blue. mixing paint colors to make my own unique blend is great fun. i did that with the blue on here. the book paper in the background goes along with his head. the look of the book paper is one of my favorites.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

beneath the tree

i had the wonderful experience of being part of the "beneath the tree" event in grand rapids this weekend. my mom and i were able to shop 8 of the houses on friday together. there were so many beautiful handmade items and the homes were decorated just lovely. i was able to work the home that my art was displayed in on saturday. i had the wonderful experience of meeting many people and watching people have a good time looking at all the decor. my favorite part was seeing three of my original art pieces go to their homes. i was blessed to meet the three who purchased them and i have to tell you that each of these people had the same response to the piece they bought. they each said that the moment they saw it they immediately loved it! i tell you what, that just made my heart jump for joy. the time i spend on each canvas is a lot and i pour my heart into what i create. to see someone love it as much as i do (because i could have easily kept each one but have no room) just made my heart sing! so i thank these three people for letting my share my art in your home and i pray you enjoy it as much as i did creating them. i thank my hostess for letting me display my art in her home. the possibilities are endless and i am forever grateful to my heavenly father who has given me the gift of creativity! amyjo

Monday, October 22, 2012

these canvas designs i made for a friend. it took me a while to come up with something as she only wanted to accent the words. i didn't want it to be busy with a picture or busy design so i came up with filling the canvas with the word! i love how they turned out. as soon as she gets them hung i am going to get a pic of them on the wall! there are so many possibilities with this design. i could make one with a name, a favorite word, a favorite city, a team, anything with a word that you like. contact me at if you are interested! this would be a great gift for any occasion. hope you have a beautiful day:) amyjo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

custom adoption canvas

i had a call to make a canvas just like my sisters adoption canvas! i was so excited that i could make another for a family to look at and always remember how much a part of adoption is in their family. of course no two can be the same as my mind is always coming up with a different way of creating. so here is my 2nd version (same colors:) enjoy! and thanks to the family i was able to make this for.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

link to some of my first canvas art

before i started my art blog i was posting photos onto my personal blog. i realized they are not on here so for now here is a link to my girls, the first robots i created, and my rejoice canvas. enjoy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tripod trouble

ok, so I couldn't fInd the clip to my tripod and in my efficient thinking I could only come up with rubberbands to hold my camera up there. not the smartest thing to do with an investment but I needed a tripod and the missing piece has yet to be found. so kids, do not try this at home!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

adoption canvas

this was made for my sister and her family. they have adopted two beautiful children. i had the honor of going through the process with my sister over the phone as she lives in texas. there is so much more to adoption than i ever knew. they went through so much wondering if the person looking at their profile would choose them, home studies, meeting the birth mothers and families, meeting their new babies, and praying for the time period until they had their gotcha day so everything was finalized. during this process jeremiah 29:11 was their bible verse they came back to often. The symbol of the heart with the triangle is an adoption symbol . . . the three sides of the triangle represent the adoptive family, their children, and the birth families. Those 3 things have created this family and they are all linked by a heart (love). on this specific canvas i added and extra heart-one for each of the children and the 4 pearls on the heart are for each person in their family. this was such a privilige to make for my sister and her family. they wanted a visual reminder of the gift adoption has been in their life. this canvas captured all she wanted to remind her of. if you are interested in a personalized canvas contact me at thanks

Friday, July 27, 2012

choose joy

joy is a choice. i try my best to be full of joy but that quite often escapes me with all the demands i have coming my way. making visual art is a great reminder for me because it is beautiful and has the words i can look at to bring me back to my focus in life. this specific piece i was feeling very busy and had lots going on at the time and it came out on this canvas. i wanted to try all kinds of new stamps, new stencils, and a bright busy color for the whole thing. this is only an 8x8 canvas but my soul poured out all over it. i love my art and i hope it can speak a bit to you to!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

beautiful birdies on canvas

i am beautiful. 11x14 original canvas art i made this to remind each person who looks at it that they are beautiful. these are happy birdies and a fun visual reminder for one to look at to remember that they and life are simply beautiful. life is beautiful. 12x16 original canvas art

8x10 birdies canvas boards

here is another version of my fat little birdies. i found this paper and fell in love! the colors are so beautiful and make for a fun bright piece of art! these are made on a canvas board that is great for a shelf or can be hung with those 3m sticky hanging strips(i don't remember the exact name so that is the best description i have:)


working with dragonflies is so awesome. these are a few of my first ones. i love the bright colors of the first two dragonflies. they make me smile. enjoy! this is an 8x8 canvas. and i also made 8x8 prints on wood with these. she is a 12x12 canvas. this baby is an 8x10 canvas.

jeremiah 29:11 canvas

this canvas is close to my heart for a few reasons. 1-i love this bible verse. 2-it is my sister's adoption bible verse. 3-i am making one similar for my sister to remind her of her adoption process. it has sold and i don't know to who but i pray it is a blessing on their wall! i love the process of starting a new design. it gives me endless opportunities with any saying or bible verse. hope you enjoy! amyjo

Friday, March 2, 2012

holy cow!

i made this for my better half for his birthday. he is a true cubs fan (no matter how much they keep loosing) and always enjoyed harry caray's words. so i put a few of harry's quotes on a canvas for him. enjoy:)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


here are some of my new adorable chubby owls! they are each on a 10x10 canvas. if you are interested contact me at

this one is gone to my little niece who says the owl watches over her when she is sleeping.

Monday, February 27, 2012

two be still 12x12 canvases

i tried the stamps on this one and love how it turned out. this 12x12 be still canvas goes for $40 plus shipping. let me know if you are interested.

a more earth tone one with the red that has the same verse. this one is 12x12 and goes for $40 plus shipping if you are interested.