Sunday, November 11, 2012

beneath the tree

i had the wonderful experience of being part of the "beneath the tree" event in grand rapids this weekend. my mom and i were able to shop 8 of the houses on friday together. there were so many beautiful handmade items and the homes were decorated just lovely. i was able to work the home that my art was displayed in on saturday. i had the wonderful experience of meeting many people and watching people have a good time looking at all the decor. my favorite part was seeing three of my original art pieces go to their homes. i was blessed to meet the three who purchased them and i have to tell you that each of these people had the same response to the piece they bought. they each said that the moment they saw it they immediately loved it! i tell you what, that just made my heart jump for joy. the time i spend on each canvas is a lot and i pour my heart into what i create. to see someone love it as much as i do (because i could have easily kept each one but have no room) just made my heart sing! so i thank these three people for letting my share my art in your home and i pray you enjoy it as much as i did creating them. i thank my hostess for letting me display my art in her home. the possibilities are endless and i am forever grateful to my heavenly father who has given me the gift of creativity! amyjo