Thursday, December 6, 2012

giveaway on august fields!!!

come and visit
august fields. i am giving away an 8x10 print on wood of my original birdie! come on over and check it out to find out how to enter!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

more girls...

one more old post from my family blog... the third girl from my class

i made this one for my dear sweet niece jori. she turned one recently and she is a little ball of sunshine. this is the fourth girl from my class.

the second girl from my class.

she art (new old post)

another old post from my family blog... i took this online class recently and absolutely found a passion in artwork. it is messy, creative, and freeing to not have to have it all perfect. and i am using supplies that i haven't used in years that have just been in collecting mode. this is my first girl. she left her fears behind is a great title for this for me because i did leave my perfectionistic tendencies behind and let my creative spirit come out. and i love it!!! which says a lot for me because i usually make something then tear apart every flaw that no one else would see. now, i am free and loving creating once again.


another old post... i had been thinking for a while how to incorporate my word for the year into some art that i saw every day. this canvas is my first original i made that was inspired from what i learned in my she art class. i love how bright and crazy busy it is. it speaks totally of my heart and life right now. i love how it is so easy to add a verse or saying to whatever i am making. it is great to see this as a constant reminder to rejoice in the Lord everyday.


this is a post from my personal blog (before i started this one) so i thought i would move it here! enjoy... i have had these canvases for over a year. they were all painted at the base for a long time and i didn't know what to do with them. thanks to my she art class i have been inspired greatly! these are all originals for me and i am proud to say they were all my creations!
these will hang staggered in levi's room. i have to find a place he can't reach to tear them down! he smiles at them when i have them out. so, it will be fun to see them on his wall. i can't wait to get them up!

robot #1-18x18 this first one is the largest canvas i have done. so fun to have so much space to fill in.

robot #2-12x12 orange is awesome. this little guy turned out great! he is bright and has a funky personality.

robot#3-10x10 i totally love this blue. mixing paint colors to make my own unique blend is great fun. i did that with the blue on here. the book paper in the background goes along with his head. the look of the book paper is one of my favorites.