Sunday, August 12, 2012

adoption canvas

this was made for my sister and her family. they have adopted two beautiful children. i had the honor of going through the process with my sister over the phone as she lives in texas. there is so much more to adoption than i ever knew. they went through so much wondering if the person looking at their profile would choose them, home studies, meeting the birth mothers and families, meeting their new babies, and praying for the time period until they had their gotcha day so everything was finalized. during this process jeremiah 29:11 was their bible verse they came back to often. The symbol of the heart with the triangle is an adoption symbol . . . the three sides of the triangle represent the adoptive family, their children, and the birth families. Those 3 things have created this family and they are all linked by a heart (love). on this specific canvas i added and extra heart-one for each of the children and the 4 pearls on the heart are for each person in their family. this was such a privilige to make for my sister and her family. they wanted a visual reminder of the gift adoption has been in their life. this canvas captured all she wanted to remind her of. if you are interested in a personalized canvas contact me at thanks

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