Wednesday, December 5, 2012


this is a post from my personal blog (before i started this one) so i thought i would move it here! enjoy... i have had these canvases for over a year. they were all painted at the base for a long time and i didn't know what to do with them. thanks to my she art class i have been inspired greatly! these are all originals for me and i am proud to say they were all my creations!
these will hang staggered in levi's room. i have to find a place he can't reach to tear them down! he smiles at them when i have them out. so, it will be fun to see them on his wall. i can't wait to get them up!

robot #1-18x18 this first one is the largest canvas i have done. so fun to have so much space to fill in.

robot #2-12x12 orange is awesome. this little guy turned out great! he is bright and has a funky personality.

robot#3-10x10 i totally love this blue. mixing paint colors to make my own unique blend is great fun. i did that with the blue on here. the book paper in the background goes along with his head. the look of the book paper is one of my favorites.

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